7 Top Tips To Sell Your Boat Fast

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  • The 3 most important words that will have the buyer ready to hand over their cash before they have even stepped foot on your boat!


  • The secret cleaning tips you must do to impress the decision-maker…the Wife!


  • How to invest $1,500 and increase the sale price by a whopping $7,000. Yes, we have had clients who have done this.


  • How to create that ‘boat show’ first impression.


  • How to create more stowage space (or at least give the impression of more space).


  • The secret to influencing the buyer’s thoughts to think your boat is theirs.


  • The important checklist you must tick off to prevent the buyer from haggling you down or walking away from the sale.


  • The amazing selling tool you should use which will blow your buyers away and increase your sale price.


  • The 10 areas of your boat you must take professional-looking photos of to impress the buyer.


  • How to handle the ‘What’s Your Best Price?’ question without automatically lowering it.


  • And so much more that will help you sell your boat for top dollar.

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As they always say the two best days in a boater’s life being the day they buy their boat and the day they sell it may still hold true. However, the better of those days could be the day you sell your boat, since that might be the first step in upgrading to a newer, better boat!

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