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Are you or a friend considering selling their boat? Simply send us a name and and phone number of the person and we will do the rest. When we sell it you will receive a free $500 Fuel Voucher (conditions apply)

Whether you’re cashing out of your investment or upgrading to a bigger boat, Gold Coast Boatz can help you sell your boat not only fast but also for the best price.

Gone are the days of just putting your boat up for sale and hope that somebody interested finds it. Have you ever noticed when you search for something online you then see it in ads on other websites? Well we do this with our powerful algorithm and smart digital marketing we put your boat right in front your intended purchaser.

Our targeted boat listings deliver up to 10 times the exposure of standard ads and we can offer many more options for marketing your boat unlike most brokers in the market.


We include guaranteed exposure, buyer confidence, more photos, featured videos and walkthroughs. For a free no obligation valuation of your boat please fill in your details and we will get back to you.

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